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Solar Shingle Technology

A solar roof installation presents homeowners across the Southeast with an exceedingly valuable investment opportunity. By harnessing solar power and transforming it into renewable electricity, solar roofs serve as a game-changer for reducing energy costs and embracing a sustainable lifestyle. With the added benefit of substantial monthly utility bill savings, these roofs not only cut down on your reliance on fossil fuels and conventional electricity but also contribute to reducing your family’s carbon footprint. Moreover, solar roofs offer an aesthetically pleasing appeal, featuring a wide range of styles and configurations to suit your preferences.

Timberline Solar™ Energy Panel

Utilize the abundant Southern sunshine by adopting a solar panel roof solution! Unlike traditional solar roofs that involve the installation of flat glass panels on a track system, these advanced panels absorb sunlight to power your home. By harnessing clean energy, you not only contribute to a greener environment but also enjoy long-term cost savings. In fact, your solar roof might even pay for itself! Brazen Roofing takes pride in offering GAF solar panels, ensuring residents across the Southeast in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia have access to this innovative solution.

Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ (ES)

Discover the incredible alternative to traditional glass panels – integrated solar shingles! These remarkable roofing solutions not only mimic the appearance of regular asphalt shingles, but also harness the power of the sun through their built-in solar capabilities. Perfect for homeowners seeking a discreet option with no tracking system needed. Moreover, our GAF Golden Pledge warranty ensures peace of mind for all solar shingle users. Embrace the versatility of GAF-integrated solar shingles, as they offer greater flexibility during installation. Their smaller size makes it effortless to tailor them to roofs of varying shapes and sizes, unlike bulky panels. Embrace the future of solar energy with these cutting-edge shingles!

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