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Roof Maintenance Program

Welcome to our comprehensive roof maintenance program. Our skilled team at Brazen Roofing is committed to ensuring the longevity and performance of your roof. Our step-by-step process begins with an in-depth roof inspection, accompanied by a detailed photo report. We meticulously check all components, including skylights, pipe boots, and attic fans, and seal any areas with exposed nail heads or flashing issues. We pay special attention to valleys and low slope areas, clearing out debris and ensuring the integrity of your gutters. If you’re selling your home, we provide a full inspection report and a transfer program for the remaining duration of the contract. For property buyers, we offer a comprehensive inspection report and manage any identified issues. Additionally, we offer a reimbursement for up to three years in the program if the time for a full roof replacement arises. Trust Brazen Roofing with your roof maintenance needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with our quality, dedicated service.

Roof Maintenance Package Pricing:

– $350 Annual Inspection: Benefit from a comprehensive inspection of your roof once every contract year, ensuring its longevity and durability.

– $600 Semi-Annual Inspection: Elevate the level of care for your roof with not one, but two thorough inspections per contract year. Stay confidently protected against any potential issues or damages.

Investing in one of our Roof Maintenance Packages ensures that your roof is consistently monitored, meticulously cared for, and proactively maintained throughout the year. With our qualified team of experts, you can rest assured that your roof’s well-being remains a top priority.

Steps to Ensure a Healthy Roof:

1. Thorough Roof Inspection: Our team conducts a comprehensive examination of your roof, complete with a detailed photo report. We carefully check the entire system to identify any potential issues.

2. Component Check: We pay attention to every aspect, including skylights, pipe boots, attic fans, and more. Our goal is to ensure that everything is in optimal condition.

3. Cap Area Protection: We seal any areas with exposed nail heads, providing an added layer of protection against potential leaks and damage.

4. Flashing Maintenance: Our experts take care of sealing all flashing areas, enhancing the integrity of your roof and preventing any water penetration.

5. Valley and Low Slope Care: We diligently clean and blow out all valleys and low slope areas, eliminating any debris buildup that could lead to drainage issues.

6. Gutter Inspection and Debris Removal: We thoroughly inspect your gutters, removing any debris to maintain proper water flow and prevent clogs.

7. Roof Replacement Reimbursement: As part of our program, if your roof requires a full replacement within a maximum of three years, we offer reimbursement for the remaining time. We prioritize your satisfaction and provide long-term support.

Trust our team at Brazen Roofing to take care of your roof, providing professional and reliable service.

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