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Roof Pipe Boots

A roof pipe boot, also known as a pipe flashing, is a rubber or plastic boot that is installed around plumbing vents and pipes that run through the roof. The boot helps to prevent water and moisture from entering the home through the plumbing vent or pipe. It also protects the roof deck from damage caused by the pipe.

The most common type of roof pipe boot is made from rubber. Rubber boots are typically installed on asphalt shingles roofs. They are installed by lifting up the surrounding shingles and slipping the boot over the pipe and vent. The boot is then secured in place by nailing it to the roof deck.

Over time, the sun can cause the rubber to deteriorate and crack. When this happens, water and moisture can enter the home through the vent or pipe and damage the roof deck. This can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

To avoid this, it is important to regularly inspect your roof pipe boots for signs of damage and replace them when needed.

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