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Low Slope Roofs


Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer is a synthetic, black rubber membrane, most commonly used on commercial facilities. It’s a black membrane, so it isn’t recommended for residential use over a bedroom or living space because it will absorb heat, however it could be installed over a garage or non-living space. EPDM is extremely durable and is basically like having a bulletproof rubber roof system that lasts 25-30 years. 


Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a single-ply white membrane used in both commercial and residential roofing. Unlike EPDM, TPO’s white membrane reflects heat instead of absorbing it. If you have a flat roof or low-slope dormer over a bedroom, TPO is a great option because it will keep the room cooler, however if you have any windows overlooking the membrane, the white TPO will get much dirtier, much faster than black EPDM. While it’s not as durable as EPDM, you can still expect a TPO membrane to last 25 years – as long as it’s installed properly! 


Polyvinyl Chloride is also a single-ply white membrane used in commercial and residential roofing. PVC is also a great choice for any flat or low-slope roof over a living space or bedroom. Aside from both being white, PVC and TPO are very similar in their characteristics, except their chemical make-up. Even the installation process or almost identical. The only major difference is that PVC is a bit more flexible and has been around longer than TPO. Like TPO, you can expect to get 25 years out of a PVC roof as well, again as long as it’s installed properly. 

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